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The British Population Survey produce regular, insightful and up-to-date reports on marketing in the UK.

For the 3 monthly period launched, they conducted over 3,000 face-to-face interviews with representative samples of the adult population, and the resulting British Marketing Survey report, Marketing Channel Trends, makes for extremely interesting reading for those of us in the door drop sector of the marketing world.

In a nutshell, the report provides a compelling reminder of the continuing power of the leafet distribution channel, even when placed against supposedly trendier and more modern means of communication.

The interviewees were asked questions relating to the marketing they had received, responded to, were likely to respond to, and found it acceptable to receive through each individual channel.

In terms of marketing messages, a whopping 90% of people had received leaflets through the door, well ahead of television in second place with the internet down in sixth with only 40-odd%.

More evidence, if any were needed, of the unrivalled coverage levels that the leaflet distribution can ensure.

Such coverage would be fairly meaningless though were it not for a good conversion rate and a decent return of investment, which is why it’s also heart-warming to see door-drop leaflets running out the clear winner in the ‘responded’ chart too, with over 6%.

No other marketing channel makes it over 4%, with a well-established channel like radio trailing in at just 1%.

Leaflets also hold their own very well in the other two questions, about future responses and acceptability.

From the survey, leaflets were the third most likely channel that people would respond to in the future, on around 12%, ahead of email, internet, direct mail and radio.

Over 25% of people also found it acceptable to receive leaflets through the door, the fifth most acceptable channel, but far more acceptable than internet, email, text and telephone, for instance.

All of which adds up to a highly encouraging picture for door drop marketers everywhere. All too often the channel is derided as being somewhat old-hat and ineffective, but this report proves beyond reasonable doubt that the opposite is the case.

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The Growing Use Of Leaflet Distribution As An Advertising Medium

The effectiveness of a leaflet distribution campaign – from a costing and performance perspective – is generally acknowledged, but what is perhaps less well known is just how widespread and popular this form of advertising can be.

There is a hardly a sector or business type out there that doesn’t successfully use a leaflet distribution to advertise its message. Why? Because they know that there is no better way of reaching the most number of customers for the least amount of money.

Below is a list of 12 sectors and industries that remain prolific users of the leaflet distribution.

Retail Industry

The leaflet distribution is an extremely valuable way for retailers to get information about products, special offers, new stores and opening hours direct to the customer. As such, supermarkets, DIY stores, chemists, opticians, household stores and shopping centres all regularly run leaflet distribution campaigns.

Travel Industry

The travel industry has suffered more than most in the recession but the result has been some great deals for the customer. The leaflet distribution is an effective way of getting up-to-date information about the latest holiday and flight deals in front of them.

Food & Drink Providers

The money-off coupon remains virtually unsurpassed as a way for restaurant or pub owners to get business from people who otherwise would not have come in. Retailers also use coupons effectively.

Motoring News

Whether manufacturer or dealer, or part of the wider network of motor-related industries such as car repair, a leaflet distribution is a good way of increasing awareness for services that we all, at some stage, have to use.

Gas, water and electric suppliers are subject to constantly changing government initiatives. A leaflet distribution serves as an effective way of communicating service and price changes to the household where the utilities apply.

Education Sector

Whether it’s a school or university looking to recruit more or a college advertising details about its evening classes for the term ahead, a leaflet is the ideal vehicle to reach the most prospective learners.

The Public Sector

The leaflet distribution is a vital part of public sector communications. Whether it’s an anti-smoking campaign from a primary care trust or a swine flu information leaflet from the NHS, there are certain campaigns that can only really be done through a leaflet distribution. Councils and police authorities need to communicate on a regular basis with a particular constituency of people, frequently use leaflets to reach people.


Generally speaking, franchises have a wide net of potential customers locally but limited advertising budgets. A leaflet gets the franchisee in front of the customer


Although there has been a growth in the use of Royal Mail’s Door to Door service, the third sector continues to be heavy users of the medium.


Although the MP expenses furore over the last year saw the abolition of the MPs’ Communications Allowance, this year’s general election is again set to demonstrate the central role played by the leaflet distribution in UK politics. The ability to target within constituency boundaries makes it a perfect fit for political figures looking to reach and convince voters.

Leisure Industry

Businesses in the leisure sector generally need to advertise a lot. Whether it’s events, new facilities or changes to opening hours, bingo halls, theatres, zoos, theme parks and similar establishments have good reason to communicate with their community via a leaflet distribution.

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More Direct Marketing Association (DMA) News On The Success Of Leaflet Distribution

According to recent Direct Marketing Association research, the 2006 DMA door to door study (2006) confirms that some 48% of consumers have responded to door to door items.

It is not surprising that the volume of door to door campaign has continuously increased during the past 2 decades and still is. It works better than advertising in other forms of media, which are more expensive.
Door to door is picked up and paid attention to. Your business will get noticed, fast.

A range of benefits, including maximum accuracy, effectiveness and measurability  can be achieved  by a door to door campaign. It can be one of the most targeted forms of advertising.

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Promote Your Business With Leaflet Distribution

Finding the right kind of promotional tool is very difficult to decide in today’s market. The world is going through financial downfall and that has really forced businesses to be more careful in their spending on marketing and promotion especially. Leaflet distribution really provides a good promotion to any type of small or large businesses. It is the one of the most effective ways to generate good promotion and brand awareness with little cost. It also costs less than expensive billboard and other print media advertisements. The response rate is much better and also includes feedbacks from the target market. Your leaflets reach the market that you specify assuring no wasted effort. Companies can add full details of their product including graphs and discount coupons etc. generating trial or repeated purchase of their product. Small entrepreneurs can really promote their business well with leaflet distribution and increase chances of success of their business.

Leaflet distribution is one of the most effective ways to promote any business especially the ones that operate in not multiple cities or countries. With leaflets these companies can reach their target market in their immediate surroundings. Such companies don’t need to advertise on TV or billboards because such advertisements are meant for masses and are expensive also their viewership is un-certain because of huge clutter of other ads on them.

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Producing A Quality Leaflet Design For Your Advertising Campaign

Leaflets are a great cost effective way to promote your brand, increase sales or simply to get your message across.

Leaflets are a powerful way to ensure success in any of these areas if designed correctly. If you can, employ the services of a graphic designer and copywriter as a well designed leaflet can pay back the investment many times over.

If you are unable to afford the services of a graphic designer, well designed leaflets can be designed on your home PC using software such as Microsoft Word but dedicated software such as Microsoft Publisher would be make the design process easier.

Printing companies can usually accept a leaflet design in a number of different formats, before designing the leaflet, check with local printers what types of files they will accept and if they require it to be formatted in any way. Any printer will be happy to answer these questions.

Follow the tips below to help design a great leaflet.

Leaflet Design Tips

Decide on a colour scheme and stick to it through out the leaflet, using colour  will make your leaflet eye catching but using too many will make your leaflet cheap and tacky and don’t stick to black and white.

Stick to using clear fonts that are easily readable, using only a maximum of two fonts throughout the leaflet.

Use images when relevant. The great proverb is true “A picture paints a thousand words”.

Ensure there is enough white space around text and images to make the leaflet look uncluttered.

Use an attention grabbing headline; don’t use the name of your business as your headline as you are not creating a business card. An attention grabbing headline will create interest and make the customer want to read more.

Keep sentences short and snappy, using bullet points.

Always include a call to action, telling the reader what to do next, e.g. book now for 20% off.

Keep the leaflet simple to get your message across.

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Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Report On Door to Door Marketing

The Direct Marketing Association carried out extensive research and reported back the following findings:

» 80% of the UK’s top 100 advertisers all use door drops as part of their marketing mix.

» Official research shows that the Door to Door market grew a massive 17.8% in 2003 and is shown to be the fastest growing media in the UK since 1994.

» For example, did you know the majority of 15-34 year olds (66%) actually claim to have positively acted as a result of receiving a leaflet and 84% of householders claim to at least looked at the leaflets they receive. These statistics are amongst the latest evidence to support the growing trend of increased usage of professionally conducted leaflet distribution campaigns.

Further research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association show leaflet drops generate the following response:

» 96% of respondents were aware of receiving leaflets, free samples, circulars and free publications through their letterboxes.
» On average, 72% of respondents had taken some action as a result of receiving un-addressed door drop items through their letterbox.
» Of the respondents that have taken action following the receipt of door drops, the majority had done so several times.
» 84% of respondents and their families have taken action on receipt of a ‘money off’ coupon.
» Free samples & supermarket offers had prompted some form of action by more than 80% of the sample base.
» Nearly 80% of respondents had reacted as a result of receiving either a National or Local Government leaflet.
» Door drop recipients were 10% more likely to take some form of action, when compared to recipients of direct mail.

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Leaflet Distribution – Low Cost & Effective!

Leaflet distribution is becoming one of the most effective ways to stimulate interest in your business/service and it is extremely cost effective too. Their are several advertising techniques that can be used namely:

Door to door deliveries or as it is known as…posting leaflets through letterboxes. This is the most popular method of leaflet advertising and it can prove to be very successful if your company focuses on the residential market. For example, food outlets that offer takeaway services tend to find that door to door leaflet distribution works well because households retain the flyer for future use. Another example would be a home improvement service (painting, decorating, gardening, handyman etc.).

When scheduling a door to door leaflet distribution campaign, it is important you consider your target area also as your service may be beneficial for residents within a 2 or 3 mile radius. To demostrate this, if you are a restaurant offering a takeaway service that only offers free delivery within a three mile radius, it becomes almost a pointless exercise sending out flyers to people living further afield than your preferred delivery zones.

Another option is to consider solus and shared delivery. Solus relates to Individual delivery and shared simply means a delivery with one or more other leaflets.  Solus tends to be more costly being that it is the only material being posted. Shared is our best value option and our most popular.

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