Leaflet Distribution – Low Cost & Effective!

Leaflet distribution is becoming one of the most effective ways to stimulate interest in your business/service and it is extremely cost effective too. Their are several advertising techniques that can be used namely:

Door to door deliveries or as it is known as…posting leaflets through letterboxes. This is the most popular method of leaflet advertising and it can prove to be very successful if your company focuses on the residential market. For example, food outlets that offer takeaway services tend to find that door to door leaflet distribution works well because households retain the flyer for future use. Another example would be a home improvement service (painting, decorating, gardening, handyman etc.).

When scheduling a door to door leaflet distribution campaign, it is important you consider your target area also as your service may be beneficial for residents within a 2 or 3 mile radius. To demostrate this, if you are a restaurant offering a takeaway service that only offers free delivery within a three mile radius, it becomes almost a pointless exercise sending out flyers to people living further afield than your preferred delivery zones.

Another option is to consider solus and shared delivery. Solus relates to Individual delivery and shared simply means a delivery with one or more other leaflets.  Solus tends to be more costly being that it is the only material being posted. Shared is our best value option and our most popular.

Both the above options can be offered at Leaflets-Distribution.com. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

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