Leaflet Distribution – More Powerful Than TV, Newspapers & The Web!

The British Population Survey produce regular, insightful and up-to-date reports on marketing in the UK. For the 3 monthly period launched, they conducted over 3,000 face-to-face interviews with representative samples of the adult population, and the resulting British Marketing Survey report, Marketing Channel Trends, makes for extremely interesting reading for those of us in the [...]

The Growing Use Of Leaflet Distribution As An Advertising Medium

The effectiveness of a leaflet distribution campaign – from a costing and performance perspective – is generally acknowledged, but what is perhaps less well known is just how widespread and popular this form of advertising can be. There is a hardly a sector or business type out there that doesn’t successfully use a leaflet distribution [...]

More Direct Marketing Association (DMA) News On The Success Of Leaflet Distribution

According to recent Direct Marketing Association research, the 2006 DMA door to door study (2006) confirms that some 48% of consumers have responded to door to door items. It is not surprising that the volume of door to door campaign has continuously increased during the past 2 decades and still is. It works better than [...]

Promote Your Business With Leaflet Distribution

Finding the right kind of promotional tool is very difficult to decide in today’s market. The world is going through financial downfall and that has really forced businesses to be more careful in their spending on marketing and promotion especially. Leaflet distribution really provides a good promotion to any type of small or large businesses. [...]

Producing A Quality Leaflet Design For Your Advertising Campaign

Leaflets are a great cost effective way to promote your brand, increase sales or simply to get your message across. Leaflets are a powerful way to ensure success in any of these areas if designed correctly. If you can, employ the services of a graphic designer and copywriter as a well designed leaflet can pay [...]

Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Report On Door to Door Marketing

The Direct Marketing Association carried out extensive research and reported back the following findings: » 80% of the UK’s top 100 advertisers all use door drops as part of their marketing mix. » Official research shows that the Door to Door market grew a massive 17.8% in 2003 and is shown to be the fastest [...]

Leaflet Distribution – Low Cost & Effective!

Leaflet distribution is becoming one of the most effective ways to stimulate interest in your business/service and it is extremely cost effective too. Their are several advertising techniques that can be used namely: Door to door deliveries or as it is known as…posting leaflets through letterboxes. This is the most popular method of leaflet advertising [...]