Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Report On Door to Door Marketing

The Direct Marketing Association carried out extensive research and reported back the following findings:

» 80% of the UK’s top 100 advertisers all use door drops as part of their marketing mix.

» Official research shows that the Door to Door market grew a massive 17.8% in 2003 and is shown to be the fastest growing media in the UK since 1994.

» For example, did you know the majority of 15-34 year olds (66%) actually claim to have positively acted as a result of receiving a leaflet and 84% of householders claim to at least looked at the leaflets they receive. These statistics are amongst the latest evidence to support the growing trend of increased usage of professionally conducted leaflet distribution campaigns.

Further research conducted by the Direct Marketing Association show leaflet drops generate the following response:

» 96% of respondents were aware of receiving leaflets, free samples, circulars and free publications through their letterboxes.
» On average, 72% of respondents had taken some action as a result of receiving un-addressed door drop items through their letterbox.
» Of the respondents that have taken action following the receipt of door drops, the majority had done so several times.
» 84% of respondents and their families have taken action on receipt of a ‘money off’ coupon.
» Free samples & supermarket offers had prompted some form of action by more than 80% of the sample base.
» Nearly 80% of respondents had reacted as a result of receiving either a National or Local Government leaflet.
» Door drop recipients were 10% more likely to take some form of action, when compared to recipients of direct mail. – A Quality, Reliable Leaflet Distribution Service

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