Leaflet Distribution – More Powerful Than TV, Newspapers & The Web!

The British Population Survey produce regular, insightful and up-to-date reports on marketing in the UK.

For the 3 monthly period launched, they conducted over 3,000 face-to-face interviews with representative samples of the adult population, and the resulting British Marketing Survey report, Marketing Channel Trends, makes for extremely interesting reading for those of us in the door drop sector of the marketing world.

In a nutshell, the report provides a compelling reminder of the continuing power of the leafet distribution channel, even when placed against supposedly trendier and more modern means of communication.

The interviewees were asked questions relating to the marketing they had received, responded to, were likely to respond to, and found it acceptable to receive through each individual channel.

In terms of marketing messages, a whopping 90% of people had received leaflets through the door, well ahead of television in second place with the internet down in sixth with only 40-odd%.

More evidence, if any were needed, of the unrivalled coverage levels that the leaflet distribution can ensure.

Such coverage would be fairly meaningless though were it not for a good conversion rate and a decent return of investment, which is why it’s also heart-warming to see door-drop leaflets running out the clear winner in the ‘responded’ chart too, with over 6%.

No other marketing channel makes it over 4%, with a well-established channel like radio trailing in at just 1%.

Leaflets also hold their own very well in the other two questions, about future responses and acceptability.

From the survey, leaflets were the third most likely channel that people would respond to in the future, on around 12%, ahead of email, internet, direct mail and radio.

Over 25% of people also found it acceptable to receive leaflets through the door, the fifth most acceptable channel, but far more acceptable than internet, email, text and telephone, for instance.

All of which adds up to a highly encouraging picture for door drop marketers everywhere. All too often the channel is derided as being somewhat old-hat and ineffective, but this report proves beyond reasonable doubt that the opposite is the case.

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