The Growing Use Of Leaflet Distribution As An Advertising Medium

The effectiveness of a leaflet distribution campaign – from a costing and performance perspective – is generally acknowledged, but what is perhaps less well known is just how widespread and popular this form of advertising can be.

There is a hardly a sector or business type out there that doesn’t successfully use a leaflet distribution to advertise its message. Why? Because they know that there is no better way of reaching the most number of customers for the least amount of money.

Below is a list of 12 sectors and industries that remain prolific users of the leaflet distribution.

Retail Industry

The leaflet distribution is an extremely valuable way for retailers to get information about products, special offers, new stores and opening hours direct to the customer. As such, supermarkets, DIY stores, chemists, opticians, household stores and shopping centres all regularly run leaflet distribution campaigns.

Travel Industry

The travel industry has suffered more than most in the recession but the result has been some great deals for the customer. The leaflet distribution is an effective way of getting up-to-date information about the latest holiday and flight deals in front of them.

Food & Drink Providers

The money-off coupon remains virtually unsurpassed as a way for restaurant or pub owners to get business from people who otherwise would not have come in. Retailers also use coupons effectively.

Motoring News

Whether manufacturer or dealer, or part of the wider network of motor-related industries such as car repair, a leaflet distribution is a good way of increasing awareness for services that we all, at some stage, have to use.

Gas, water and electric suppliers are subject to constantly changing government initiatives. A leaflet distribution serves as an effective way of communicating service and price changes to the household where the utilities apply.

Education Sector

Whether it’s a school or university looking to recruit more or a college advertising details about its evening classes for the term ahead, a leaflet is the ideal vehicle to reach the most prospective learners.

The Public Sector

The leaflet distribution is a vital part of public sector communications. Whether it’s an anti-smoking campaign from a primary care trust or a swine flu information leaflet from the NHS, there are certain campaigns that can only really be done through a leaflet distribution. Councils and police authorities need to communicate on a regular basis with a particular constituency of people, frequently use leaflets to reach people.


Generally speaking, franchises have a wide net of potential customers locally but limited advertising budgets. A leaflet gets the franchisee in front of the customer


Although there has been a growth in the use of Royal Mail’s Door to Door service, the third sector continues to be heavy users of the medium.


Although the MP expenses furore over the last year saw the abolition of the MPs’ Communications Allowance, this year’s general election is again set to demonstrate the central role played by the leaflet distribution in UK politics. The ability to target within constituency boundaries makes it a perfect fit for political figures looking to reach and convince voters.

Leisure Industry

Businesses in the leisure sector generally need to advertise a lot. Whether it’s events, new facilities or changes to opening hours, bingo halls, theatres, zoos, theme parks and similar establishments have good reason to communicate with their community via a leaflet distribution.

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